Our research services

We offer both program evaluation activities and additional research services. See below for details!

Program Evaluation Activities

Program development

  • We will collaboratively assist in developing the underlying theory and logic of a given program. This would also involve identifying the desired activities and short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. 
  • Involving a program consultant in the program development stage will maximize the chance of a successful, efficient, and cost-effective program. 

Program Logic Modelling Workshops

  • Is your organization in the midst of planning something big, but not everyone can agree on the desired goals of the initiative? Let us help.
  • In a series of collaborative sessions, we will help gain consensus among all involved stakeholders around the desired short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes for your program. The result will be an underlying theory of change and program logic models, which can help give your organization a 'snapshot' of what your program can look like. This activity is extremely useful for future planning and for achieving funding. 

Outcome evaluations

  • Outcome evaluations are used to help assess the effectiveness of programs that have already been implemented. Specifically, consultants will propose a number of methodologies to measure whether desired short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes are being achieved.

Process evaluations

  • Often accompanying outcome evaluations, a process evaluation is used to determine whether or not a program's activities can be improved by assessing service delivery. Ensuring a program's activities are operating as they were intended can help assure that outcomes can be achieved

Ongoing monitoring research plans

  • We will propose and carry out a research plan meant to continually gather information aimed at improving the delivery of your program. This information is useful for tracking the progress of a program.  

Additional Research Services

Social return on investment

  • Find out the economic impact of your program! For every dollar invested, what is returned to the community in social benefits?

Method implementation & development 

  • Are you looking for something other than a standard questionnaire or interview to assess what is happening in your program? Let us design something creative for you to help.

Data analysis

  • Already have data, but need someone to analyze it? We can do that! Quantitative and qualitative services available 

Needs assessments

  • Find out what your program participants need from a program. What would benefit them the most?

Survey development

  • Questionnaires can be developed online or on paper. This is an effective way to quickly gather data on a topic of interest.

Literature review

  • Find out what the academic literature is saying about the field of your program. What are the best practices for your program? This is useful for future planning and staying on trend with the latest research.

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