Our Team

Micheal welcomes collaboration and frequently works with Kirstian during larger scale projects. Micheal and Kirstian have attended the Applied Social Psychology Graduate program at the University of Saskatchewan, are current members of the Canadian Evaluation Society, and have trained with respected researchers and program evaluators. 


Micheal Heimlick, M.A.

Micheal is from Battleford, Saskatchewan. He has focused his time on expanding his understanding of Indigenous culture and has conducted participatory evaluations of Indigenous programs within Saskatoon. Additionally, he has completed several projects where he evaluated student experiences at the U of S. These experiences have advanced his research skills and strengthened his ability to remain flexible and effective in program development settings. He is currently working towards a credentialed evalutator status. To view his Master's thesis on Indigenous cultural perspectives of employment, see the document below.


Kirstian Gibson, M.A.

Kirstian is a contracted student evaluator working alongside Micheal on various projects and initiatives. She has committed her focus to supporting non-profit organisations and their programs in their mission to better their community. Currently, Kirstian is working on her PhD in Social Psychology as well as a credentialed evaluator status. 


Our team possesses a strong understanding and set of skills related to qualitative and quantitative methodologies that we believe strengthens our ability to develop strong programs and produce robust evaluations. Together, we bring a comprehensive understanding of process and outcome evaluations, with a preference for participatory collaboration between stakeholders and evaluation team members.


We have been fortunate to develop our skills in problem-solving, communication, and creating evidence-based solutions for non-profit organisations. We believe that our objective is to formulate impactful recommendations for participant groups and organisations