Past & Current Evaluation Projects

These three projects are a small representation of our work. If you would like to know more about other projects Two Bridges Consulting has worked on, or want to know more about these three programs, please contact us.

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Measuring Reconciliation in Saskatchewan - Office of the Treaty Commissioner

One organization that Two Bridges Consulting works with is the Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC), where Micheal has been working with reconciliation groups and interested organizations across the province to figure out a way to measure progress towards reconciliation in Saskatchewan using a common vision. At this point in time, he is focused on creating a baseline of reconciliation activities and attitudes in Saskatchewan. Within this, he and the OTC team use a reconciliation mapping process where the vision for reconciliation is used as a framework. Using the information gathered, he is able to guide groups in future decisions by showing where they are currently at in working towards reconciliation and by providing factual information that points to possible future activities or community initiatives. The measurement framework extends past the mapping exercise, as he is currently working on a provincial strategy of measuring progress towards reconciliation and has already analyzed a general public survey on attitudes towards reconciliation as well as developing a set of indicators based on local and national interests.

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Micheal is wonderful to work with. He’s taken a complex multi-year plan and made my job easier by breaking it down into measurable outcomes and deliverables.

We love working with Two Bridges Consulting! Micheal has provided meaningful measurement tools for our network that support in program evaluation. These continue to ensure that ongoing feedback informs our processes and activities and we’re able to adapt to changing needs.
— Allison Piché - Director - Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network
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Consensus Development Conference - National Centers For Excellence Evaluation Strategy

Working with the First Peoples First Person Network at the University of Saskatchewan, Two Bridges Consulting designed an extensive evaluation framework that would allow the team to track their progress towards short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. With the help of our framework, the team was short-listed among 10 others in Canada to receive funding to carry out this program.

The evaluation plan included:

  • A logic model that represented interwoven key outcomes between experts, the general public, and research teams.

  • A full evaluation matrix that showed detailed indicators on how each key outcome would be measured.

  • A one-page summary of the entire program (pictured right).

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Shared Journey - Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon

Two Bridges Consulting worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon to design and evaluate a new program based on reconciliation called Shared Journey. The program is mentor led and focuses on bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth together to learn about the truth of Canada’s history, to form social bonds, and to learn about Indigenous cultures - among many other outcomes. Shared Journey is currently being run throughout the central Saskatchewan and encourages self-reflection and group discussion on the theme of reconciliation tailored to their specific region.

Due to Two Bridges Consulting being present in the design stages of Shared Journey, we were able to weave in evaluation methods to the curriculum in such a way that the youth and mentors didn’t find evaluation intrusive or boring. Doing this led to high quality data that we Big Brothers Big Sisters were able to use to justify further funding for the program.