Evaluation and Design Services

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Micheal is a pleasure to work with. He is organized and efficient while striving to ensure the project is thorough and has been considered from all angles. His report was clear, concise, visually appealing, and easy to read
— Megan Clark - Research & Evaluation Lead - Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

Program Development

  • We will collaboratively assist in developing the underlying theory and logic of a new or existing program. This involves identifying desired activities and how they theoretically lead to short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes and impact.

  • Involving a program evaluator in the development state will maximize the chance of a successful, efficient, and cost-effective program.


Program Logic Modelling

  • In a series of collaborative sessions, we will help gain consensus among all involved stakeholders around the short, intermediate, and long-term outcome for your program.

  • The result will be an underlying theory of change and program logic model, which can help give a ‘snapshot’ of what a program could look like. This process is extremely useful for future planning and funding, but is also useful to connect with all of your stakeholders in a meaningful way.


Outcome & Process Evaluations

  • Outcome evaluations are used to help assess if and how the short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes are being achieved through evaluation methods (e.g., interviews, surveys, etc.)

  • Often accompanying outcome evaluations, a process evaluation is used to determine whether a program’s activities can be improved by evaluating service design and delivery. Ensuring a program’s activities are operating as they were intended can help assure that outcomes can be achieved.


Ongoing Program Monitoring

  • We will help design and carry out an evaluation plan that is meant to continually gather information aimed at improving service delivery and measure outcomes of your program.

  • This information is useful for tracking the progress of the program and can be used to make small changes to a program over time rather than waiting for a large evaluation and making major changes.


Additional Evaluative Services

  • Data analysis

    • Already have data, but need someone to critically analyze it? Let us help.

  • Needs assessments

    • Find out what your participants need from a program and what need your program is filling in your community.

  • Survey development

    • Online or in paper - both are an effective way to quickly gather data on a program.

  • Literature review

    • Find out what the academic and grey literature is saying about your type of program. What are the best practices for your program?

  • And more!